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Friends of Trịnh Công Sơn

from all over the world, have come together to create this site with the hope that it will become a full-fledged library dedicated to the life and work of Trinh Cong Son.



Recent translations

Rich document Dear I, don’t despair
"Tôi ơi đừng tuyệt vọng". Translated by Vân Mai
Rich document Sway sorrow weeds
"Cỏ xót xa đưa". Translated by Vân Mai.
Rich document chemical/x-kinemage Girl with yellow skin
"Người con gái Việt Nam", translated by Rich Fuller
Rich document Troff document Sand and dust
"Cát bụi", translated by Vân Mai
Rich document application/ecmascript A song dedicated to all the corpses
"Bài ca dành cho những xác người". Translated by Tran Duy Tinh.

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