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Friends of Trịnh Công Sơn

from all over the world, have come together to create this site with the hope that it will become a full-fledged library dedicated to the life and work of Trinh Cong Son.



Recent translations

Rich document application/ecmascript Life has called on you for so many times
"Đời gọi em biết bao lần". Translated by AaronA.
Evening Crossing the Street Alone
"Chiều Một Mình Qua Phố", translated by Jason Gibbs
Rich document At Night I Feel Like a Waterfall
"Đêm thấy ta là thác đổ". Translated by Gigi.
Rich document D source code Sleep, My Child
"Ngủ đi con". Translated by Gigi.
Rich document Reminiscing as I Return
"Người về bỗng nhớ". Translated by Gigi.
Rich document A Sea’s Yearning
"Biển nhớ". Translated by Gigi.
Rich document White Summer
"Hạ trắng". Translated by Gigi.
Rich document application/x-troff-me Speak for Me
"Hãy nói giùm tôi". Translated by Gigi.
Rich document Lulled In Companionable Sadness
"Ru ta ngậm ngùi". Translated by msyotaboi.
Rich document text/x-lilypond Let the Sun Sleep Peacefully
"Xin mặt trời ngủ yên". Translated by msyotaboi.
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Recents articles

The man everyone tried to silence and failed
AFP - April 28, 2000.
Vietnam’s Bob Dylan faced four years of “re-education”
Seth Mydans - The New York Times - April 12, 2001.
Vietnam musician Trinh Cong Son dies
The Associated Press - April 2, 2001.
In search of lost times (I)
Sâm Thương, 01.04.2004. Part one : Childhood. Translated by Vân Mai.
Bửu Chỉ from the color-tinted fingerprints
D.C., Virginia, October, 2002
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